Academic Writing & Publications

'Ministering to Body and Soul: Medical Missions and the Jewish Community in Nineteenth-Century London,' Studies in Church History (In-press) 

History PhD

Birkbeck, University of London

Library & Information Studies MA

University College London

Jewish History BA

University College London


Working thesis title:

Encounters between Immigrant Jews and Evangelical Missionaries in London's East End: 1859-1909

Supervisor: Professor David Feldman

Funding body: AHRC funded through CHASE - Consortium for the Humanities and Arts in the South East.

Academic Awards:

EHS Michael Kennedy Award (2021) best postgraduate paper.

Areas of interest:

Judaica collections, Jewish libraries, Yiddish language collections, Open Access, Cultural History, Public Engagement

Academic awards:

UCL Alumni Scholarship (2015)

Association of Jewish Libraries Award (2015).

Areas of interest:

Yiddish language, Yiddish folk culture, Anglo-Jewish history, East European Jewish history, Christian-Jewish relations

Academic awards:

UCL Dean's List of Academic Excellence (2013)

William Margulies Yiddish Award (2013)

Jews Memorial Prize (2012).