I first studied Yiddish at UCL under Dr. Helen Beer between 2011 and 2013. Subsequently I have attended numerous Yiddish summer courses and community groups. I was fortunate enough to use Yiddish in my work at the Jewish Museum London where I worked with their Yiddish language collection of posters, song sheets, flyers, diaries and books. In 2019, I also provided Yiddish language tours for the exhibition 'Roman Vishniac Rediscovered'.

I have provided private translation services for both printed and handwritten script as well as consulted over pronunciation for television programmes. 

Chinese Mandarin

I am a passionate beginner-level learner of Chinese. I am currently being taught at KCL's Modern Language Centre but supplement these lessons with input from Chinese language TV dramas, podcasts, books and newspapers. I also have a regular language exchange partner. 

I bring art into my language learning by creating visual learning resources for myself and blending creative practice with my studies.

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